From Hypno-Mom to Instructor
Hi! My name is Tracy Schmitz and I live in Hamilton with my husband Alex, and our daughter Elizabeth and we are expecting baby #2 in January!  I am a Hypnobabies "graduate", or "Hypno-mom", and I am very happy to now be a Hypnobabies Instructor!  I have worked many different jobs over the years but I have never found one that is as fulfilling and fun as my "job" is now.  I LOVE being a mom!!
My journey with Hypnobabies started when I was in my second trimester of my pregnancy in 2014.  I was scared. How would I give birth?  Would it hurt? Would I need to have an epidural? What if things went wrong?... But once I started my Hypnobabies course, my life was changed!  I suddenly found myself very confident, excited and ready for the birth of our baby.  I had a wonderful birthing time and we welcomed our little girl, the love of our lives, into the world.  I very much believe that Hypnobabies helped me to have a better birth experience then I would have had without it.  I will most certainly be using Hypnobabies again for the birth of our second.
As I thought about how much Hypnobabies helped me to overcome my fears and have a truly comfortable birth experience, I found myself wanting to help more women to do the same.  I felt more and more that I needed to help create a change in our society so that we can embrace the beautiful and natural act of birth, not fear it.  I dream that one day, I will go to a baby shower, and hear nothing but good stories told to the mother-to-be and that epidurals and "pain management" will not be the first thing on everyone's minds when labour begins.  

Please join me and let me help you create your better birth experience! 
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